A new, bold version of yourself!

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February 12, 2018 3:25 pm

A new, bold version of yourself!


A new, bold version of yourself!

Hi there Ann,

Baby it’s cold out there and winter clothes can be a bit too practical and too little fun. But we are so keen to shake things up a little now. All of us in Stylishly love fashion but most of us play it safe and are wearing combinations of wardrobe staples “with a twist” ending up with blacks and whites. But sometimes it needs to be a bit more!

A red heeled velevty over-the-knee boot is not exactly what everyone can wear into the office, but it’s exciting and it is fun. And we love the feedback we get on the streets, mostly from other girls giving us this slightly admiring / slightly jealous look 🙂

See below the gorgeous Ellie, in her awesome boots at Christmas time. We

Photo: Theellenextdoor


What we love about the look

These boots are worn with confidence! Keep the rest toned down if you want to play it a tiny bit safe. Simply awesome.

See our interpretation of this look here:

These boots have all the glam and fun, but not the price tag. Go for them! What do you have to lose?

Public desire, £34.99
Check the app for more OTK boot looks!


The Stylishly Team

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