Beanies, hats, scarves and gloves – how to wear them stylishly

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Beanies, hats, scarves and gloves – how to wear them stylishly

If you’re living in any kind of cold climate, you’ll definitely know the feeling of piling on gloves, a beanie, a scarf… The list goes on- and these are only the accessories on top of your actual outfit. And, if like most people, you find yourself always rushing out the door at the last possible minute, these accessories are often thrown on as an afterthought. So instead of adding a chic touch to your look (whilst keeping you warm), your well thought out look just lands up looking messy.

Winter accessories are so important to your overall outfit, we thought we’d show you some stylish ways to incorporate them into your look. Firstly, a beanie doesn’t only have to be limited to being worn with gym kit- we love it paired with a luxe leopard coat for an effortlessly chic (but warm) look.



leoaprd beanie

For a polished look, we love how this blogger used the colours of her scarf, fedora and gloves to tie her look all together- right down the red running through her scarf matching her beautiful Chloe bag!




By using the Stylishly app, you can mix and match your favourite hats, scarves and gloves to your look, making sure your winter accessories give an effortlessly glamorous finish to your look. And if this post has left you realising you need to add a few more of these pieces to your wardrobe, here are a few of our favourites.. Happy shopping!


Sandro, £60 


Debenhams, was £18 now £9


Barbour, £50




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