Let’s get some clothes into your virtual wardrobe …

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February 25, 2018 10:05 pm

Let’s get some clothes into your virtual wardrobe …

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Let’s get some clothes into your virtual wardrobe …

Stylishly is all about looking your best with YOUR OWN wardrobe! So getting started with your virtual wardrobe is key to enjoy the app at its best.

There are two easy ways to upload your clothes:

1. Google Image Search – our favourite option!!
2. Self-Upload (of photos in your library or use of your camera)

The quick and easy way to upload is the Google Image Search on our app.   Just search key words e.g. type “Aquazurra red heeled sandals”, and you should get the below, or similar:


Getting the picture up into the app is the most important step. The rest is self- explanatory, but please read for the full tutorial below!

You can upload through the upload item button in the main menu or in your My Items tab.

Pick an image, (we picked the middle top image, because that has nearly no background already) crop it, by dragging the corners of the frame very close to the outline to the shoe, to have a nice big image, below.



Click next and the background disappears (athough there was hardly any background in this example)


Use the eraser tool with your finger, to remove any remaining background or shadow


So, this is picture perfect!! Just add some details in the scroll down menu

Shoe Type:


We ask you to fill in the brand. This way it is easier for you to find your items


Pick a colour.


Pick a pattern.   This is important information to help us put together outfits / looks for you that really match. In this case, the shoe has no dots, or florals, or other prints, it’s simply a plain red shoe. The lovely tassel is not actually a pattern 🙂


Et voila! Here it is in the wardrobe:


So, try our Google Image Search in the app to find good images of items you’ve bought relatively recently.   Even with older items it’s still worth a try, just be as specific as you can with your search words.

Then you can upload anywhere / anytime, on the go or at home!


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