Meet Anna, our founder

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Meet Anna, our founder

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Meet Anna, our founder

“The idea of Stylishly was born around two years ago, out of a simple need. One day, whilst out and about, I was thinking what I would wear to a party the following evening.  I have quite a large wardrobe but could only think of a few key pieces I wear all the time, and that didn’t really inspire me.  That moment, I thought it would be amazing to see all my clothes on my phone, to have easy access to all my wardrobe! I wanted to put a look together with the hidden gems I’d forgotten about. ”

Anna Tomkins

Anna, our founder, is originally from Munich, Germany. After she graduated with a Masters in Economics she started working in finance and accounting followed by a role with the venture arm of a big media company.

However, she always had a passion for fashion!

Anna front door

Love brought her to London, as she met her husband Julian in London 5 years ago in Sloane Square. After 1.5 years long distance relationship, she moved into their Chelsea home. Julian and Anna got married 3 years ago and she was pregnant with daughter Eloise when she started Stylishly, one year later. She was able to convince Julian, an ex-banker, media strategy specialist and entrepreneur to help her setting up the business.

Anna and Eloise

Julian’s and Anna’s daughter was born in June 2015 and the app went live in 2016, when Anna was a new mum. So far, it has been an incredible experience! Eloise is a big girl now!

The business has also grown a lot and we thank our users for using the Stylishly App, a business that has become our second baby and we can’t wait to see that grow more too


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