Reward yourself with a virtual wardrobe

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November 13, 2018 9:30 am

Reward yourself with a virtual wardrobe

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Reward yourself with a virtual wardrobe

Hi there,

we love this time of the year because it means a clean slate, a new beginning! Also, this is a great time to do whatever we haven’t been up to in the summer holidays. Like getting our wardrobe sorted!

Whilst we can’t help with actually clearing out your wardrobe at home and getting all the seasonal stuff in there nice and ready (believe us, we are working on that one). What we can help you with is a perfectly organised virtual wardrobe that helps you plan looks and gives you a brilliant catalogue of what you actually own! Once you know that, you will find hundreds¬†of great outfits to wear and if you need more inspiration, that is what we are helping with too!

Check how simple it is to uplaod clothes in this video:



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