Striped jumper styling

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Striped jumper styling

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Striped jumper styling

Winter is often grey in the UK, so let’s cheer ourselves up with some colour! We love the new trend, striped jumpers in all sorts of fabrics and colours. It started with “that Gucci one”  and now striped coloured knits are all over the place. We embrace that fashion, as it is easy to wear. You can style it more glamourous with heels and a pleated skirt, or just plain simple with a pair of blue jeans.

Livpurvis Illustration

Liv Purvis get’s it always right, we like the choice of the wall behind her 😉 Seriously, what a pretty look!


As it’s getting colder, we suggest to put a jacket on top of it! In the suggested look feed, see our “Colour Splash” look:

Colour splash

In our view, gold accessories give the look a warm note and the faux suede biker jacket is a great addition to the look. A brown shoulder bag to match and off you go!


Happy stripes

Or try a more sporty way to wear coloured stripes with a red gilet! Beige boots and handbags keep the rest of the look plain and simple. If you can’t afford the Gucci jumper, just add a Gucci ring to make the look more playful and sophisticated!

Find the “Happy Stripes” look also in your suggested looks feed. Just tap EDIT, to style and accessorize the coloured jumper exactly the way you want. To shop it, click on the jumper in the look, or get the two alternatives here:

GAP £44.95

Gucci £660

We also suggest you create a look from scratch yourself, it’s fun!  Go to “create look”, find that jumper in the items carousel, select it, and then just use your own wardrobe or other items to go with it! Play around and be creative!!


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