The ❤️ sunnies all bloggers adore

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March 7, 2018 2:36 pm

The ❤️ sunnies all bloggers adore

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The ❤️ sunnies all bloggers adore

It has been snowing a few days ago and it really doesn’t feel like summer yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t buy new sunnies.

There is one pair that’s all over Instagram and it’s so silly it’s brilliant. We are talking about the heart shaped cat-eye Saint Laurent glasses that are so OTT that the woman wearing them can’t take herself too seriously. That’s exactly why we love them!!

See below the gorgeous Chloe, in her awesome sunnies. We love them!

Photo: chloelovestoshop


What we love about the look

This is a pretty simple look to style, all black in different textures. However, the sunnies make the look!

See our interpretation of this look here.

These sunglasses come at a price, but they put a smile, not only on your face, but on everyone elses and that is priceless, isn’t it? Be quick they are nearly sold out everywhere!

Saint Laurent, £302

Check the app for more great sunglasses looks!


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