The new boot style that every fashion girl needs now

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February 20, 2018 5:54 pm

The new boot style that every fashion girl needs now

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The new boot style that every fashion girl needs now

We are talking about boots again, but in this wintery weather we feel that our feet – and the temperature of them- need all the attention. It’s a fact that women’s feet get colder quicker, the problem is that fashion is not very kind when it comes to stylish shoe designs. The best looking shoes are often heels or sandals! As we are not the suffering types of women we are constantly looking for great winter footwear.

And we found a very cool and stylish shoe style that is warm, comfortable and made for walking miles (and you could possibly protect your country in them, too).

See below the gorgeous Sarah, in her awesome boots. We

Photo: springoffashion
What we love about the look

First of all, a lot of items in this look are Dior and we adore Dior, just as Dior tell us to 😉 But seriously, this beautifully simple styled look lives from the colour of the bag and the style of the boots, not only the brand!

See our interpretation of this look here. We swapped out the Dior boots for some Zara ones…

These boots have it all, but not the price tag. Zara is again on top of its game with these killer boots. They are real leather, buy them here in one click!

Zara, £79.99

Check the app for more combat boot looks!


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