The staples you will love forever

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June 26, 2018 5:16 pm

The staples you will love forever

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The staples you will love forever

Currently we find ourselves surrounded by limitless choices of tassels, patterns and embellishments on really cute summer and beach clothes and we really love them.

Our only issue is that our time spent on holiday is limited and tassels, palm prints and sequins are not always city appropriate. With the sale on, it’s tricky to resist that new pair of purple and pink pom-pom summer slippers that we will only need on 3 days a year…

But this summer, we will try to be good and focus on gorgeous staples we will love forever and wear a hundred and more times a year!

See below the gorgeous Amilla, in a white t-shirt, denim skirt and killer heels. We

Photo: amillafrederikke


What we love about the look

A totally great no-nonsense look. We love the heels! The snake print bag gives just enough fashion vibe to make this a look. We love this!

See our interpretation of this look here

We love a great pair of killer heels.These are not cheap but they are a true style weapon and you will wear them hundreds of times!

Sergio Rossi, £483

Check into the app to find some real classics, many of them are on SALE!


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