The must have accessory

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December 22, 2018 2:47 pm

The must have accessory


The must have accessory

Belt bags have been hideous travel accessories for a long time. We used to hide them under our jumpers to save us from burglers in dark places.

But this is 2018! The new beautiful belt bags are totally coming out to the light because we do want to show them off! What makes them even better is that they are super practical and you can get to whatever you need very quickly. That would be the phone for the belt bag selfie we assume.

If you’re still not sold, get one that you can detach from the belt. Tick.

See below the gorgeous Grace showing us a great belt bag style!


Photo: gracesurguy


What we love about the look

Two bags is seriously brilliant. The rest is clean and classic with great shapes.

Again, all of the items of this look are super versatile and can be worn in so many combinations!! Love the style!

See our interpretation of this look here


This belt bag has it all: The style, the quality, the detachable bag, the fair price:

COS, £45

Check into the app to find looks with belt bags!


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