Trousers you didn’t know you needed

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January 9, 2019 11:00 am

Trousers you didn’t know you needed


Trousers you didn’t know you needed

Snake print is dominating the current fashion and we are very happy to give in to this trend. Like all animal prints, it’s super versatile and goes with pretty much everything. By now you must know that we are always keen to get something that fits in perfectly with the wardrobe we already own!

A snake print top with a pair of black skinnies is an easy fashion fix, but we walk the extra mile (ideally in Jimmy Choo boots) and get the trousers instead. That way, snake print looks just that tad more sophisticated.

See below the gorgeous Christina in a great combination of snake and faux fur!



Photo: Chrissabella


What we love about the look

Lots of neutrals in this look and by no means boring! We love the mix of materials to give the outfit an extra dimension.
Another big win are the flat boots! A comfy, cosy and stylish look. What’s not to love?

See our interpretation of this look here


To try this trend, we suggest to buy these affordable beauties:

Mango, £35.99

Check your suggested looks to find a variety of looks with snake print trousers, skirts and shirts!


The Stylishly Team

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