Your own fashion stylist

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Your own fashion stylist

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Your own fashion stylist

Having a fashion stylist – who has one and why? 

Mostly celebrities have a stylist to make them look good, not only when they are on duty! Looking great is part of the job, but actresses like the beautiful Margot Robie don’t always have the time to style themselves. They hire someone who knows all about it. Professional fashion stylists are high in demand, not only in Hollywood. Stylists such as Kate Young, Cristina Ehrlich and Rachel Zoe have become extremely successful, starting their own clothes lines and becoming celebrities in their own rights!

Cristina Erlich styles Brie Larson, Penelope Cruz, Tina Fey and other A-list celebrities not only for the award season!

What fashion stylist alternatives are out there at the moment?

Getting personal advice from a fashion stylist is something that many girls can’t afford. Most of us also wonder if we have enough events and occasions to get dressed for, to justify the use of a professional fashion stylist, when we have no idea how to book one and how much that would cost us. But even the fashionistas among us sometimes would love to have a second opinion, not only from friends, but someone who does fashion styling as a profession.

The personal shopping services in the luxury department stores sound great, but also a bit scary.  Not all of use dare even walking in there, especially if we don’t feel comfortable being asked our minimum budget! … So what’s a girl to do?

There are lots of personal stylist offers online, and most of these women are educated in fashion and styling and know exactly what they are doing. However, pricing is not always very transparent, the quality varies and you have no idea what you will get in the end.


What can the Stylishly team do for you? 

We think everyone deserves their own fashion stylist and that’s one of the main reasons we started Stylishly. We have real people to style our users. Ideally, you upload some of your existing wardrobe, that gives you the most value out of the personal styling.

Our team have great expertise and a brilliant eye for colours and combinations, and an understanding of the latest trend pieces and looks. When you request a look from us, you can also tell us about your preferences and what bodyshape and type you are, so that we get your looks just right. Or, easy, tell us who your favorite fashion blogger is.  We might be able to style something just in that style and also in your in your budget!


Let a fashion blogger be your fashion stylist inspiration

Fashion bloggers make great looks and we can create you a similar look, in your budget! You can send us a fashion blogger look you love.  Just copy the link of any instagram looks you like, into your look request to us. One of our fashion stylists will style you that look in your price range. We try to find the exact same items for you, however, sometimes we will find something similar that also works in that look. And, even better, our stylists try to use your existing wardrobe first, so that you can make good use out of the clothes you already own!


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A look we love from TheFrugality…


File 09-08-2016, 16 31 28

… that we then created for our users 🙂


Become your own fashion stylist

You can also style great outfits for yourself super easily on Stylishly. You don’t need to stand in front of your wardrobe and pull everything out to create great looks. If you want to plan ahead, have a special occasion or just want to be organized, create looks in advance and then just pick the items from your wardrobe later.

new saved look

Just create looks from scratch or edit our suggested looks, made by our stylists. Pick the looks you like and give them your personal twist!


Become a fashion stylist for others!

Last but not least, you can take a style challenge and style users in the Stylishly community.   Are you curious what other girls have in their wardrobe? It is great fun to style someone you have never seen, just by what they have in the wardrobe or wishlist! Or style your friends (after all, you know them pretty well, right?).  The best part is the feedback, when the other user liked a look. But beware, there is danger of serious wardrobe envy 😉

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